Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart Highlighter Review | Swatches

Hey Everyone! ❤

Highlighters are pure rage these days!  And me being such a ‘glow-fan’ , I have every form of highlighter – powder, stick , liquid, gel! 😀

Today I am sharing my review and swatches of a beautiful highlighter by Makeup Revolution – called Unicorns Heart!

It has five different shades, merged in a single heart-shaped case. I find it very cute! ❤

BeautyPlus_20180708151336_save (1)



I don’t know what did Makeup Revolution think while designing the packaging for this product. Highlighter is fitted into a heart-shaped tray and then just encased into a box! There a small ring with glue below the tray which is not very strong anyways. It did not even stick to the box. That’s how I damaged my highlighter (you can see in the pictures)  because I picked it up rather strongly and it hit the upper end of the case. 😦 Major  packaging fail.

BeautyPlus_20180708151615_save (1)

My Experience

To be honest, I just bought it because I found it very cute. It has five pretty shades which can be used as highlighter separately or mixed. All of them are inspired by Unicorn theme. You just have to swipe your brush across all of them and then use it. I prefer using it according to the makeup looks I wear. I am using the golden one the most.

BeautyPlus_20180708151821_save (1)

The texture looks very gritty in the swatches, but all the shades are very blendable. Just remember to keep a light hand because the brush picks up a lot of product in a single swipe. No fallouts and good results with small quantity makes this highlighter a good buy. But there are many other better options available for the price.

Price 1050 INR for 10 g of product


I couldn’t take a clear picture of the ingredients because of reflective surface of the packaging, so I am writing all the ingredients here :

Mica, Dimethicone, Nylon-12, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate,Propylparaben, Methylparaben

BeautyPlus_20180708151454_save (1)


  • Five beautiful pastel shades
  • Good blendability
  • Cute packaging
  • Small quantity enough for ‘glowing’


  • Packaging not sturdy
  • Price is slightly higher

BeautyPlus_20180708151218_save (1)

Although I liked the shades and blendability of this highlighter, I cannot carry it anywhere because of the bad packaging. Makeup revolution has a range of blushes and highlighters from the same ‘I heart’ range which all have the same packaging. :-/

Overall Score 6.5/10

Will  I buy it again? Nope

Thankyou All,

Swati 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart Highlighter Review | Swatches

    1. Yeah it’s cuteness is what made me buy it at the first place. But sadly I won’t buy it again. Thankyou Maggie for reading and your sweet comment🙂💙💕💕💕💕💕


    1. Yes they are seriously cute🙂🙂 Golden highlighters look better than holo ones on my skintone too, but I don’t mind going all sparkly once in a while🙂🙂💙💙💙 Thanks💕💕💕


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