Home Made Face Packs For Every Skin Concern – Guide for Beautiful Skin!

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Changing weather conditions send our skins into a disaster mode. Slowly the winters are coming, and my skin has already started becoming dry, red and sensitive. I always believe in natural and home-made remedies. If done regularly, they give amazing results. There is no fear of any side effects or skin irritation because there are no chemicals involved. So, today I will be giving you some home face packs formulas to soothe and pamper your skin and prepare it for winters. ๐Ÿ™‚

face pack ingredients



The thumb rule for maintaining the glow on your skin is to regularly cleanse and moisturise it. But sometimes, our skin needs something extra to return to its full glory.


Here is what you can do :

1 tsp besan(chickpea flour)

A Pinch of Haldi(Turmeric)

A pinch of Kesar(Saffron) soaked in 5 tsp of milk

1/2 tsp Chandan(Sandalwood) powder

Mix all these ingredients and apply a thick layer on face and neck. Wash after 20 minutes. With one time use, you will notice increase in the moisture level and a glow on your skin. Use twice a week for maximum effect. ๐Ÿ™‚



oily acne prone skin

1 tsp Multani Mittiย ( Fuller’s Earth)

1 tsp Rose Water

5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

1/2 tsp Grated Cucumber

Mix all the ingredients and apply on face then lie down. The grated cucumber may fall out while drying. The fuller’s earth will absorb excess oil while the tea tree oil will disinfect your skin. Cucumber will soothe the irritation due to acne. Using this face mask regularly will not only keep off excess oil, but it will also prevent acne.



1 tsp powdered oats

1 tsp Yoghurt

1 tsp Honey

Mix all the ingredients and add some water if necessary. Apply a thick layer on face and neck. Wash with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Honey soothes the dry skin and yogurt and oats provide the necessary moisture.



Sometimes our skin reacts in weird ways. Pigmentation is one of these reactions. While it can be due to internal factors like hormonal, genetic or stress, external factors like pollution, sitting on computers for a long time regularly, and not following a skin care regime. Here is what you can do :

dark circles

Put potato slices or grated potatoes on your face including the under eye area daily.

After a week, you will start noticing a difference. Potato has natural bleaching properties. Do it for some months regularly to get rid of all the pigmentation and dark circles.


Main cause of wrinkles is breaking down of collagen and elastin fibers. Because of that, skin becomes drier,thinner and cannot repair itself. Prevention of wrinkles should start much before you age to show them. Eat a lot of anti-oxidant foods, use a natural moisturizer free of sulphates and parabens, and stay hydrated. For your face, you can regularly apply the following pack :


1 ripe,mashed banana

1 tsp full cream yoghurt

Mix both and apply twice a week for 30 minutes. With a month, you will notice your fine lines will lighten and your skin will be more elastic and supple:-)

For maintaining beautiful skin, regularly exfoliate and follow a regular skin regime.


2 bags of green tea

2 tsp of sugar

2 tsp honey(to soothe)

2 tsp olive oil( to moisturise)


This exfoliator gives your skin a huge dose of anti oxidants which help your skin to recover from all the stress,pollution and cleanses the pores.

You can mix more honey/olive oil to obtain desired consistency according to your skin needs. Weekly exfoliation really helps in keeping your face looking fresh and radiant.

Did you find something useful for your skin in this post? What is your regular home skin treatment? Please share in the comments. Hit the star if you liked this post!

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