Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream Review

Hello Friends,

Dark circles around eyes have become so common now a days. The factors which contribute to it are – environmental pollution, stress, disturbed sleep, unhealthy lifestyle etc. But we think that it is solely because of ageing. The good news is – you can get rid of them if you take care of your eye area properly.

Today I am going to review a product which you can include in your daily eye care routine – Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream.

aroma magic under eye cream review


I have been using this under eye cream on and off since two years. It used to come in a red and white colour tube previously.

Price 195 INR for 20 g of product


The cream comes in plastic tube with a narrow nozzle opening. This allows to control the quantity very nicely. It has a white cap with a screw closing. It closes tightly, no chance of leakage. The colour of tube is lavender which is my favourite. 🙂


aroma magic under eye cream review2


My Experience

This is a very moisturizing under eye cream with a pleasant and relaxing aroma. It is white in color and you need a small quantity for both eyes. It spreads easily and gives a relaxing feel after massaging for 5 to 7 minutes.

aroma magic under eye cream review1

I didn’t feel any difference for almost 15 days even after using it regularly. But after that I really felt my under eye wrinkles smoothing out. I don’t have major dark circles, but I can say that it has brightened my under eye area, but not made them perfect. No under eye cream does that.

This cream is very mild and close to nature, may be that’s why it took some time to show results. I think it is good for people who don’t have any major dark circle problem. Those who just need to maintain and nourish the under eye area.

But if you have very intense dark circles, this cream might not be suitable for you.

aroma magic under eye cream review3.jpg


  • Very moisturizing and creamy
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good Packaging
  • Natural and Mild Ingredients


  • Might not prove very effective for very intense dark circles
  • Takes some time to shoe results

Overall Rating    7/10

Will I buy it again?

Yes, because it’s mild and natural. It helps me maintain my under eye area in a better way 🙂

I hope this helps you to decide your eye care routine.

Thankyou All,

Swati 🙂


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