10 Surprising Reasons Which Are Affecting Your Skin!!

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Skin is the largest organ of our body. It protects us from the exposure of so many harmful factors – we cannot even count. It’s really important that we care about not only our facial skin, but our body’s skin as whole. You will be surprised to know the reasons which can affect our skin.

  • Skipping Meals


We have heard this all the time. Didn’t we? But how does it affect your skin? Without receiving proper nutrients throughout the day, your skin can go dry and parched by the end of the day. And if skipping meals is your routine everyday, you will start ageing early. Stick to fresh green food instead of processed food. Your skin is what you eat.

  • Ignoring SPF

ac environment

SPF feels sticky, and makes us ooze oil, but friends, it is not as bad as it feels. Whatsoever happens, you should never skip your SPF whenever going out. It will have long-term benefits. Our skin ages majorly because of sun exposure and then the others factors count. SPF is like an armour for our skin. Always wear it.

  • Not Getting Proper Sleep

    not sleeping.jpg

“Beauty Sleep” term hasn’t come into existence in vain. Sleep repairs and rejuvenates our skin from deep. That is why you notice your face looks more rested and fresh after a good night’s sleep. Regular sleep disturbances can degrade the quality of your skin.

  • Staying too much in Air Conditioned Environment

Staying all the time in AC can strip off the natural moisture of your skin. Result, dry, dehydrated skin prone to breakouts. Keep the temperature of the AC just so you feel comfortable. Do not blast it to chill out the room. If AC is unavoidable, then it’s best to use a humidifier along with it so that appropriate moisture levels are maintained in the environment and your skin.

  • Frequent Waxing Trips

facial waxing.jpg

Limit the number of times you go for waxing touch ups. Too much skin exfoliation and skin stretching can cause irritation and bumps. Especially if you wax your face.

  • Hard Water


Hard water contains many minerals and heavy metals like iron, calcium. We can see the scaling it causes on faucets and taps. Hard water can cause skin irritation. If possible, use RO filtered water to at least wash your face, hair and teeth.

  • Stress


Stress affects the hormonal balance of our bodies. It can cause breakouts. Stress can cause your skin not to repair itself and weaken the protective surface mantle. So, do whatever relaxes you. Minimize the stress in your life.

  • Using too Much Skincare Products

skincare products.jpg

In an attempt to improvise your skin, you may actually harm it. Many anti ageing ingredients like retinol can irritate the skin. Use the products that are mild and skin friendly. And don’t layer up too many products – they will only drive your skin crazy. Stick to simple and chemical free products as far as possible.

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26 thoughts on “10 Surprising Reasons Which Are Affecting Your Skin!!

  1. Great post 🙂

    I’m blessed to live in an area with really nice water. But when I did move away from home for university, I noticed the water difference straight away. It wasn’t horrific but definitely not what I was used to!

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  2. Excellent blog post! There are some things that you mentioned that I wouldn’t even consider affecting your skin, like lack of sleep, who knew? Eating and definately stress can wreck havoc on the skin. As can eating a particular food too much. I don’t mean just alergies, but I remember eating ice cream a lot and I would break out in only one place right at my left temple.

    Liked by 2 people

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