Took All The Tests To Determine My Skin’s Undertone and What I Found Out!

Hello Girls,

Choosing a perfect shade of foundation has always been a mess. Who to trust? The SAs who sell foundations all day or ourselves because no one else can know our skin better than us! Right?

For many years, I struggled to find perfect matching foundation for my skin undertone. Some were too pink, some were orangey…I don’t know why.

So, I decided to take the matter in my hands. I thought I will decide for myself and not trust anyone else. So, I took the renowned tests to find out your skin undertone.

  1. Gold/Silver Test

They say that if golden jewelry looks better on you, then your undertone is warm. And if silver looks better, then your undertone is cool. Here are the pictures of my hand wearing golden and silver bracelets/bangles. Both were taken in the same lighting conditions and treated in identical way.

skin undertone with golden (1)


skin undertone with silver


Honestly , from this test, I really could not decide what is my undertone. Can you decide which jewelry is complimenting better? They both looked fine to me! At the same place again.

2. Color of Veins on The Inner Wrist

They say that if the veins are green, then you are warm undertone. And they are blue/purple, then you are cool undertone. So , I saw my wrist in the sunlight but couldn’t get a clear picture yet. Then I clicked my inner wrist with flash on. And I was surprised! I have both green and purple veins!

wrist veins test for skin undertone

Now I understood why can’t I find a perfect foundation for my skin. I used to have a L’Oreal Infallible compact in the shade N3(Neutral 3) which was just the perfect match for me till it was discontinued and another neutral shade called N4 took it’s place. N4 didn’t suit me that much. Mac NC 37 is a tad bit warmer for me. But right now I am using it.

The struggle is real, girls. I still don’t have a perfect match foundation.

But there are certain advantages too for having a neutral undertone 😉 😉 😉

  • Lipsticks with blue or pink undertone both compliment me. So, more options. 🙂
  • More options with jewelery – both golden and silver. ❤
  • Same with clothes – although perfect white color doesn’t compliment me that much. Slightly warmer whites or off whites look better on me. 😉

So, I think I have a Neutral undertone 🙂

What do you think? Did you ever took any tests to find out your skin undertones?

Please share guys.

Thankyou all,

Swati 🙂                 Find me on  Instagram


13 thoughts on “Took All The Tests To Determine My Skin’s Undertone and What I Found Out!

  1. I used to wear foundation , but I never thought about skin under tones. I just used what I thought was the closest thing to my skin color. I don’t bother with powder or foundation now at all. But no matter where I go, I’m LOST without my lipstick !

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