The Most Natural Body Butter and Body Wash by The Mom Co. Review

Hello Friends,

I am reviewing two products today which have completely surprised me. Local(Delhi) Made body butter and body wash. The brand name is The Mom Co. Although these are meant for pregnant women, but it’s not a rule that other people can’t use it! And the ‘natural’ word made me attracted to these products too much.

Read on to know the whole story and my experience.

I was in search of an extremely rich body butter because my skin is really dry and stretchy, even in summers. I have used so many body butters before – The Body Shop, Victoria’s Secret, Grace Cole, Aroma Magic…and the list goes on.

I was looking at amazon for a natural body butter. I found this – The Moms Co. Looking at its description and such a competitive price (just 699 INR!!) I decided to give it a shot. I ordered its body wash also to completely take care of my dry skin in a natural way.




Body Butter : 699 INR for 200 g of product

Body Wash : 348 INR for 200ml of product

Validity : 6 Months after opening (as it contains no preservatives)



Both the butter and shower gel have travel friendly packaging. The body butter has tightly closing lid. And further it has a plastic stopper too inside which doesn’t allow the product to come out even if it’s not handled carefully. It would be better if it came in a tube or bottle pack. That makes things more hygienic.

The pump of shower gel closes when turned. It cannot be pressed after closing. So, if you want to carry it while traveling, be worry free as it will not spill out.


My Experience

Body Butter  :  How do I start telling about it? It’s just perfect! At such price, how can they deliver such quality? I could feel it is completely natural when I used it for the very first time. It doesn’t have those strong artificial fragrances like Body Shop Body Butters. But it has a sweet fragrance resembling to honey. And the way it moisturizes dry skin is just amaaaaazinggggg! 🙂 ❤ ❤ Just a small quantity, it spreads nicely and instantly soothes your skin. After that, you just don’t worry about dry skin for the next 24 hours! And it is not very oily or sticky – just the right kind of moisture.

Over 2 weeks, I feel my skin has become nourished, maintains it’s moisture and is not stretchy anymore. I will stick to this body butter now. 🙂



Body Wash : It is a very mild liquid soap. You have to take a good quantiTy to make a decent amount of lather. It has a refreshing citrusy fragrance which is very relaxing and not overpowering at all. It gently cleanses, without stripping your skin off its natural oils. If you like strong fragrances in your shower creams, then you can skip it. I like this because it’s really good for my skin. Leaves it clean and moist.



Body Wash Ingredients
Body Butter Ingredients



  • Completely Natural Products
  • No Preservatives, artificial Fragrances
  • Paraben ad Sulphate Free
  • Amazing Results, especially with Body Butter
  • Budget Friendly
  • Great Quality in minimum price



And I want to mention these lovely messages they have on their boxes :

Body Wash

Isn’t it cute and ssssooooo adorable! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Body Butter

Overall Rating 

Body Butter : 10/10

Body Wash : 9/10

Would I buy these products again?

Body Butter – sure as hell.  Body Wash – Yes but may not for long-term

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Do tell me if you have tried any of these products or any be other body butter which you like.

Thankyou all,

Swati 🙂


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