Welcoming the Monsoons with Trendy Culottes!

Hello Pretty Girls ❤

How are you all?

Usually I like to change my style, but I am not the kind of person who will blindly follow any trend. Culottes are becoming a huge trend right now. I like the fact that they can be styled in so many ways! Formal, sporty, chic, – just name it! Such a high fashion piece of clothing! ❤ ❤ ❤ The best thing is – they look good on all body shapes. So, yeah I bought a pair. 😉

I wanted to go for a white top, but it seemed too boring and simple. I decided to go with prints. Both top and culottes having flowy fabrics made it so easy to carry and extremely comfortable to wear!  ❤

I love to wear bright colours so orange was the obvious choice. For the top, I decided to go for a subtle color with doesn’t take over the “culottes statement”. I chose a cream and brown printed top which I tucked in. 🙂

Please tell me how do you feel about this look I created! xoxo

post pipc2


post pic 1.jpg


post pic3


pic post 6


post pic 4


Please hit the star if you liked this post. How would you style culottes? Please share your views in the comments! 🙂

Thankyou all! xoxo

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Details of The Outfit

Culottes : Quiz

Top : Latin Quarters

Shoes : Tresmode

Bag : Baggit

Bracelets : Parfois

Watch : Calvin Klein






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