6 Things I am Tired of Listening Repeatedly : Being an Indian Woman

To all my followers who are not from India, I must tell you that we Indians are very very friendly people. Good as neighbours and great as relatives! In fact we traditionally have a joint family system – which means two or three generations living together in the same house!

But we also offer many free advises – can even do that to a random person walking on a street. And when it comes to friendships or relations, our advises may turn into pokes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t know why some people just do not understand the term “boundaries”

Being a woman in India is a tough job. So, here I am – ย just extracting some humour out of the friendly advises I get every now and then from people around me. Keeping the mood light…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You should have kids soon



I wanna ask these people – why? Why is it so damn compulsory to have kids soon after marriage? I may not be prepared for kids yet. May be I don’t want kids at all. It’s my choice! Can I life my life my way please?


You Should Wear Mangalsutra

giphy (2)

A Mangalsutra is a black beaded necklace which married Indian woman wear. Traditionally its compulsory to wear a mangalsutra by every married woman in India. If it doesn’t compliment my outfit, I would not wear it. Have a problem? Don’t bother. I am only answerable to my husband. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย And he doesn’t have any problem with that!

You Have Gained Weight After Marriage

giphy (1).gif

Oh my God I was totally unaware of this fact!! Thanks for enlightening me! I mean seriously?? Saying that every time I meet the same person isn’t going to help!

You Should Know Cooking to Make Your Family Happy

giphy (3)

What kind of stereotype is that? Although I can cook, but I am not a “good” cook . ย I thought all I would need to keep my upcoming family happy – ย was love. Simple. Isn’t it?

You Should Dress Up Ethnic More Often(they mean to say always)


ME : Can I dress the way I like?

THEY : No, you have to think about how we will judge you. How we will see you as a wrong and reckless woman. So, wear saris and suits only.

Me: Meh….

You Should Not Get Too Much Involved With Workย 


This is the golden piece of advice I have ever got. I’ll never forget it. Reason for the advice – A woman should concentrate and give herself completely to the family.


Why would I ever want to ignore my family? Is there any woman out there who would not love to see happy faces around her? Don’t judge me just because I chose to express myself. Don’t consider me a selfish person if I don’t wear a sari or mangalsutra. My work is my identity. I will always love my family. But I can’t lose my identity. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚


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10 thoughts on “6 Things I am Tired of Listening Repeatedly : Being an Indian Woman

  1. No, in mumbai nowadays nobody bothers about these things except probably when you are attending a pooja or marriage.. Otherwise it’s pretty chilled out here. I don’t think the married women in my building wear mangal sutra.. I haven’t seen my neighbors wearing it. They don’t comment on my life I don’t comment on theirs.. Its upto us how we allow others to comment.. I feel.. Sometimes we have to be politely strict

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Mumbai and other metro cities are chilled out…here in Delhi too people don’t interfere with each other’s lives. I think nobody does now a days. Personal boundaries are always important and they are in one’s own hands. Here I am talking about our old generation aunties and other relatives who have problem with almost everything we do. And we can’t be strict with them every time they do so…
      And here I am just trying to extract some humour out of it and concluding it with the real problem.You need not take everything written here literally…


      1. I thot you were talking about what a woman goes through and was giving my point of view. U are free to delete my comment. U asked me to check out ur post so I did. And put in my views.


      2. You gave your point of view…and so did I…I don’t think I have written something in my comment to get you offended. And why would I delete your comment? You were just giving your point of view. We are just discussing here. You gave your comment on a the post…and I just replied and explained it to you. Relax and chill down a little bit.
        And yeah…won’t bother you again.


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